BUDDY CLUB- Social Skills Sessions (21st Jan onward)

BUDDY CLUB- Social Skills Sessions (21st Jan onward)

"Buddy_Club" - Social_Skills sessions starts from 21st January

It is a group session designed to help children with socialization challenges.

This program helps children develop the social interaction (e.g. following directions) and communication skills (e.g. indicating needs and wants) they need by providing many opportunities to generalize information. Under the supervision of our therapists, children practice following rules and adult directives, playing and learning with others cooperatively, making friends, seeking positive attention, emotional regulation, managing transitions and day-to-day problem-solving activities through positive reinforcement and social coaching.

Buddy Club group will range from 4-6 children depending on the level of intervention and support that is needed for each child to reach his or her optimal social learning level.

The sessions will be as follows with 2 Groups:

GROUP 1 ( 3 years – 7 years)

21st Jan - 25th March
Sunday's 5 pm - 6 pm.


GROUP 2 (8 years -16 years)

24th Jan - 28th March
Wednesday's 5 pm - 6 pm.


LIMITED_SEATS_AVAILABLE - To Register please contact us at 44757625/ 55927376 or email info@stepbystepqatar.com