School Calendar

School Calendar



School year



Fees due by

Term 1

September 4th

December 15th

June 30, 2016

Term 2

January 2nd

April 13th

December 14, 2016

Term 3

April 23rd

June 29th

March 26, 2017


TERM DATES 2016 - 2017

Term 1

Sunday 4th September

Term commences

Sunday 11th September – Wednesday 14 September (incl)

Eid Al Adha

Thursday 15th December

Last day of Term 1


Term 2

Monday 2nd January

Term commences

Tuesday 14th February

National Sports Day

Thursday 13th April

Last day of Term 2


Term 3

Sunday 23rd April

Term commences

Thursday 29th June

Last day of Term 3

These dates may be subject to change in line with requests from the SEC or in line with Qatar official holidays.



Morning School

Arrival: 07:30

Dismissal: 12:30

Our gate opens at 7:00 am and closes at 1:00 pm for morning sessions. 


Afternoon Individual Therapy Sessions (Optional)

From 01:00 pm until 06:00 pm

Parents are requested to be prompt when attending afternoon therapy sessions. Any lateness means, your child will miss on the therapy hour.


Special Education Support

SBS aims to comprehensively & holistically educate and socialize students with behavior and learning challenges, across all facets their development so that they can perform at the highest levels.


Buddy Club Sessions

SBS Buddy Club is a highly structured, interactive and dynamic social skills group. Each child is assessed and the social areas of need are identified and further worked upon.


Summer School

Summer Classes will be held during July and August, and are subject to a number of students attending. The dates will be announced in advance.


Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon ABA, Speech/ Language and Occupational therapy sessions will continue on request during holidays and are subject to availability.